Monday, January 21, 2013

Cancer Research Doctor David S. Terman

A few weeks back I was assigned to shoot a photo of cancer research Doctor David S. Terman. Terman is studying a theory that sickle cells can be used to choke a tumor. 

I shot a few frames of Terman speaking on his couch and then asked if he had any items that he uses in his research that I could photograph him with to help illustrate what he does. At first he couldn't come up with anything, as we were away from the lab. So I just shot a few more portraits of him on the couch. 

Then he remembered the overflowing piles of paperwork on the desktop of his home office and we ran downstairs to take a look. I made some frames of the doctor surrounded by the same clutter that filled some of my former professors' offices... which must surely be the sign of genius. 
Cancer researcher David S. Terman M.D. stands amongst piles of research and patent work paperwork in his home office in Pebble Beach, Calif. on Friday January 11, 2013. Terman runs the Jenomic Research Institute in Carmel. (Photo David Royal/ Monterey County Herald)

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